I prepare the lecture notes and make short-term courses. Currently I am working on:

  • The lecture notes on the network theory are collected in this folder. The course is split into several parts:
    – geometrical properties of networks;
    – properties of random networks;
    – optimization theory for networks.
  • The lecture notes on applications of the spectral theory to complex networks (together with Francesco Caravelli, see details about our webinar here) F. Caravelli, T.Cui, L.Tupikina, “Spectral methods fundamentals and applications”  book onine https://www.sharelatex.com/project/583fe8be69727c5a35dd76fb
  • The course for algebraic theory of machine learning course (based on lectures of Pr.Bunina, Pr.Vorontsov, MSU, Yandex, see details about Yandex conference, which gave me ideas to start working on this here and the book on statistical learning by Pr.Hastie).
  • Some research problems on network theory (follow the link) from the course,
    which I am preparing for the Interdisciplinary research centre in France.
  • The internship on spreading dynamics on graphs. More information see on CRI website and here


Information and some files from the courses in mathematical summer schools are gathered at “Lecturers without borders” network project website: Lecturers without borders website