Internship on development of online-platform

The full description of the internship can be found on CRI website or on

Tools and methodologies: Online platform development;
data analysis using natural language preprocessing.

Project summary: The goal of SciEd network is to meet science and education through scientists travelling around the world and
making lectures in high-schools around the world.
SciEd currently unites scientists from 10 countries: France, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Greece, India, Indonesia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy.
Lectures are currently organised in India, Nepal, Russia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Senegal.

The tool for scaling up the project is the online platform, which we are developing now together
with scientists and developers from France, India, USA and Russia.

The goal of the internship is:
-to participate in coordinating the online platforom (supply demand scheme);
-to learn tools to coordinate the database and visualise the datasets from dynamically updating platform;
-to coordinate newly developed online platform;
-to analyze the data using this untapped opportunity to enrich additional education system around the world.

The previous platform is at
The internship gives the opportunity to work with scientists from different world-wide known universities:
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Göttingen University Germany, Berlin Centre for Space research, Barcelona University, Utrecht University, Indonesian University Siginjai and with various organisations such as TeachForIndia, TeacherForRussia, Animath (international mathematical network) and many others.

Requirements for the intern:
skills for data analysis, programming languages, database creation and coordination.
Knowledge about natural language automatic preprocessing is a big plus but is not required.

Interdisciplinary aspect of the project: The project is working with scientific outreach in different fields: physics, mathematics, biology, climatology.
Scientists from SciEd network are coming from all around the world, hence in the project there is not only interdisciplinary aspect, but also strong multicultural side.