My publications on Researchgate, scholararxiv

Some publications (from recent to older ones):

  • R.Donner, M.Lindner, N.Molkenthin, L.Tupikina, et al. “From nonlinear dynamics to complex systems: A Mathematical modeling approach” Springer book chapter  Cham, pp. 197-226 doi:10.1007/978-3-319-78512-7_11 (2019)
  • L.Tupikina, D.Grebenkov “Temporal and structural heterogeneities in networks” arxiv, accept.Applied network Journ. (2019)
  • D.Grebenkov, L. Tupikina “Heterogeneous continuous time random walk”, link to Physical Rev. E Journal  E 97, 012148 (2018)
  • L.Tupikina et al. “Multi-layer structure of networks”, Proceedings of NetSci  (NetSciEd) conference 2018 (M.Stella, M.Porter, edit.)
  • M. Kang, G. Bertholet,L. Tupikina, C. Nicolaides, B. Sapoval, D. Grebenkov, J.F. Colonna, subm.(2018)
  • P.Holme, L.Tupikina “Epidemics extinction in networks: insights from 12110 smallest graphs” NJP (2018), arxiv  1802.08849 (2018)
  • F.Caravelli, T. Cui, L.Tupikina “A perspective on spectra”, book chapter lecture notes, (in prep.)
  • N.Molkenthin, H.Kutza, L.Tupikina, N.Marwan, J.Donges, U.Feudel, J.Kurths, R.Donner, “A geometric perspective on spatially embedded networks. Quantification of edge anisotropy and application to flow networks”, Chaos 27, 035802 (2017)
  • L.Tupikina, Dissertation at Humboldt University of Berlin “Temporal and spatial aspects of correlation networks and dynamical network models analytical approaches and physical applications” (English version) (2017)
  • L.Tupikina, “Dynamics on networks: case of Heterogeneous opinion state model (on graphs)”, arxiv 1708.01647 (2017)
  • L.Tupikina,N.Molkenthin,C.Lopez,E.Hernandez-Garcia,N.Marwan, J.Kurths,“Correlation networks from flows. The case of forced and time-dependent advection-diffusion dynamics”, Plos One, 0153703 (2016)
  • J.F. Donges, J. Heitzig, B. Beronov, M. Wiedermann, J. Runge, Q.-Y. Feng, L.Tupikina, V. Stolbova, R.V. Donner, N. Marwan, H.A. Dijkstra, and J. Kurths, “Unified functional network and nonlinear time series analysis for complex systems science: The pyunicorn package”, Chaos 25, 113101-1-25 (2015)
  • Corresponding software developed at PIK J.G.Donges group – pyunicorn (github version and downloads)
  • L.Tupikina, K.Rehfeld, N. Molkenthin, V.Stolbova, N. Marwan, and J.Kurths, “Characterizing the evolution of climate networks”, Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 21, 705-711 (2014)
  • N.Molkenthin, K. Rehfeld, V. Stolbova, L.Tupikina and J. Kurths, “On the influence of spatial sampling on climate networks”, Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 21, 651-657 (2014)
  • H.Bunina, L.Tupikina, “Authomorphisms of the semigroup of nonnegative invertible matrices of order 2 over rings”, Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 183, 305-313 (2012)

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Recent work with our students:


More information about the code and other ongoing projects is on CRI website of our group.


Teaching materials

My course on network theory (CRI course, 2019)
(to be uploaded to Github repository)

My short lecture on random walk theory (winter school, Zakopane, 2019)


The network game on the explanation of the network theory concepts designed at CRI (together with Marc Santolini)


Network game was played at CRI (Centre of Research and Interdisciplinarity, Paris, France). Its main idea is to explain to students basic network concepts using simple rules. Network concepts include ideas of the main network spreaders, node centralities, navigability and network dynamics. Game authors: L.Tupikina, M.Santolini (CRI) CRI, October 2018

More information about other network literacy project are on the website of C.Cramer and H.Sayama: here

Research projects

Projects I participated:

LINC (Marie-Curie training network, European project coordinator Pr.Masoller)
The project is dedicated to data analysis methods to understand and model climate dynamics, big data questions.

COPAN project (coevolutionary pathways, PIK, Germany),
coevolutionary pathways and intradisciplinary approaches between physics, sociology and Earth science 20190108_135852

INADILIC (ANR project from Pr.Grebenkov, Ecole Polytechnique, France)

The project is dedicated to studying intracellular dynamics, random motion, stochastic dynamics.
The articles published after the project are listed in google-scholar.

“Lecturers without borders” sciEd network (co-founder together with other colleagues from Germany, Indonesia, France, hosted at CRI, Paris, France).
The Lecturers without borders brings scientists around the world to schools and organises lectures in the remote areas.

For more information about the projects and


publications, please visit  Researchgate, scholararxiv





The list of some conferences:


Pint of Science, Paris 22nd May, 2019




2019 January 21-25th – Online Winter school in applications of spectral methods, webinar page (co-organiser with F.Caravelli), international workshop

All videos are present at our CSSM youtube channel


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From December 2018 each two weeks we organise network seminar at CRI with Marc Santolini. Please, contact us if you are interested to come.
Address is Charles V, 10, Paris, 75004




2019, January 25th – Workshop on the network theory and applications, CRI, France
The slides are uploaded here: here (pdf)

scied_cmyk (1)

2018 COMPLEX NETWORKS conference, Cambridge, UK (proceedings)

2018 –  Oct 22-24- 4th International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems
(PhysBio 2018) will be held on, Gif-sur-Yvette (physical and
life scientists working at the interface between the two disciplines)
the conference website :
our email address :

2018 Outreach conference Fete de la science in Paris. Find lectures in your city in France (look at CRI Paris for the program)

2018 July ESOF conference, Toulouse, France with online translation

2018 Paris-Berlin workshop on May 2-4, Paris

2018 Dresden Max Planck Complexity centre conference on predictions of system transitions

2018 Oral Presentation “How heterogeneities influence continuous time random walk
statistics?”, (short talks session) JSTAT conference, Paris, France
2017 Oral Presentation “Heterogeneous continuous time random walk on graphs”, ENS
Cachan workshop, Paris, France
2017 Oral Presentation “Analytical solution for Heterogeneous continuous time random
walk”, Smoluchowski Congress, Krakow, Poland

2017 Oral Presentation “Porous media and heterogeneous continuous time random walk
model”, Stochastic Processes and Applications international Conference, Moscow, Russia

2017 Oral Presentation “Porous media using model of heterogeneous continuous time
random walk”, Diffusion fundamentals Conference, Moscow, Russia

2017 Oral Presentation “Where do we get using random walk theory”, JSTAT Confer-
ence, Paris, France

2017 Oral Presentation “How to connect system dynamics and graph topology?”, HSE
seminars, Moscow, Russia

2016 Oral Presentation “Correlation network and graph dynamical models” at Conference
of Complex Systems, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2016 Oral Presentation “Where do we come using random walks theory?”, Seminar on
algebraic theory, Moscow University, Russia

2015 Oral presentation “Flow-networks methods: applications to opinion dynamics”,
German Physical Society Meeting, DPG, Berlin, Germany

2014 Oral Presentation “Flow-networks analysis of flow systems: Eulerian and lagrangian approaches”, conference of Graph theory applications, MSU, Russia

2014 Oral Presentation “Temporal and spatial aspects of correlation networks”, CCS ,
Lucca, Italy

Organisation of the conferences:

2019 January 21-25th – Online Winter school in applications of spectral methods, webinar page (co-organiser with F.Caravelli), international workshop

2019, January 25th – Workshop on the network theory and applications, CRI, France

2016 “Critical and collective effects in networks” conference, Moscow, Russia, co-organiser CCEGN website

2017 “Critical and collective effects in networks” conference, Moscow, Russia, co-organiser
2017 Programm committee of “Complex networks” conference, Lyon, France

2019 Online Winter school in applications of spectral methods, webinar page (co-organiser with F.Caravelli), international webinar

Some maths and physics seminars in Paris and region Ile de France (2018)
Paris Dauphine (Paris)

LJLL laboratory (France)

Maths portal CNRS (France)

CRI Research centre (Paris)

Maths portal (Moscow)

MIPT school on data analysis, machine learning (Moscow)




Internet resources:

  • The journal, which is writing about scientific advances for the general public Quanta magazine.
  • Journal with stories about mathematicians.
  • Webpage about beautiful geometric structures
  • Skype a scientist online lectures in schools

Conferences in 2018:


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