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I am researcher, working in Theoretical Physics, Random walk, Graph theory, and Applied Mathematics. Here I publish information about my research and topics I am interested in mathematics, physics and science communication.

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Together with colleagues from CRI (Centre of Research and interdisciplinarity, France), University of Lyon and Leipzig we are organizing the small workshop in a spirit of the recent exhibition at Palais Tokyo in Paris

For more details, please contact us (my email at liubov.tupikina (at) cri.paris.org)

Networks and art

There are many summer schools around the globe made for children, adults, in maths, linguistics, astronomy etc.

I prepared a course for children about random walks.
Inspired by several books on this topic (including review about self-avoiding random walks).

Problem 1.
First, I explain several problems about the ant walking on a surface.
Then I give example of an ant in the tree and introduce a problem of Localisation in trees -increasing the probability
Finally I talk about sophisticated ant, who is bored to walk where he already was, so he makes self-avoiding walk.

Problem 2.
One of the new problems for the summer school about random walks is dedicated to finding easier problems for graphs.
Given two random walks on a chain graph find the corresponding problem with one random walker.
The answer is quite simple: one needs to consider the random walk problem on a square lattice, which would give you the answer
about when two random walkers meet.
Problem 3.
Find the same corresponding problem for two random walkers on a tree graph.




p.s. Although it is summer course, the best time to watch random walks is winter.

Small school course